Canadian Tax Calculator 2018 - 2019 Tax Season

TurboTax 2018 - 2019 Canadian Tax Software

TurboTax offers a well known product line for Canadian tax filers to manage their tax season tasks of income tax return preparation and filing. As the top selling income tax product line for Canada, TurboTax continues to innovate and dominate the sales charts year after year. Before choosing a tax preparation product you can get a ball park view of what to expect with our Canadian tax calculator.

TurboTax Canadian Tax Software comes in two separate formats

  • Online Tax Preparation
  • Download / CD Tax Software

These individual formats offer different advantages that will appeal to various tax filers based on their needs

As the leader in tax season sales and customer satisfaction you can rest assured that choosing the TurboTax product line is the right choice.

TurboTax Online Tax Preparation

With online tax preparation there is no need to install software on your computer, This format offers several advantages including:

  • No need to worry about installation glitches and software conflicts with other programs that are already installed on your computer.
  • Work on your return at anytime from anywhere you have internet access. Begin your return at home on your desktop and finish when you have time, traveling with your laptop. Continue anytime on any computer with internet access.
  • Your progress is saved as you move through the tax preparation process so that you don't loose your work even if you loose your internet connection.
  • All your work is saved safe and secure online so that you can access it anytime on the TurboTax server whenever you need it.

TurboTax Download / CD Desktop Tax Software

TurboTax Desktop Tax Software can be installed from a download or boxed cd depending on your choice for purchasing your a tax software product. Like the TurboTax Online product line, TurboTax Desktop Tax Software offers several advantages that make cater to your needs more accurately, including:

  • Work on your tax return anywhere without the need for an internet connection to access your data or the tax software program files.
  • Keep your tax return stored safe and secure on your own computer so that you have access to it anytime you need it without downloading from the internet.
  • Prepare several returns with one software package. Work on family or friends returns without having to make software purchases for each individual.
  • Download your software purchase again for free anytime for up to three years after your purchase should you need to reinstall it for any reason.

TurboTax Canada Tax Program Editions

TurboTax Basic

Ideal for Canadians with simple tax returns that have only income and donations to claim.

TurboTax Standard

Great for individuals, couples and families. Covers over 400 deductions and credits

TurboTax Premier

Ideal for investors and property owners. Provides extra guidance for investment sale income, stocks, bonds, mutual funds & employee stock plans, Tracks capital gains & losses, Report rental property income and claim rental property expenses

TurboTax Home & Business

Includes everything in Premier + Provides extra guidance for self-employment income and deductions. Helps you file your personal and unincorporated business taxes together. Claim business deductions like home office, travel, and vehicle expenses.

TurboTax 20

Ideal for preparing multiple returns. Easily file up to 20 returns. Maximize deductions for personal and self-employment tax returns..

TurboTax Suite

Includes Quicken Home & Business and TurboTax Premier.